• Risk and personal responsibility

Risk and personal responsibility

Risk taking and personal responsibility The ongoing debate over whether F1 drivers should be allowed to wear jewellery while racing raises some interesting questions over personal liberty and the Law. You [...]

  • New divorce laws in England


The biggest shake-up in divorce law is almost here and will come into force on 6th April 2022. Hailed as the “end to the blame game” the new divorce laws will remove the [...]

‘Over you Go with P&O’

Few will recall but that was the ill-timed slogan P&O European Ferries chose to re-badge Townsend Thoresen after their acquisition of it in 1987. Unfortunately coinciding in the national press [...]

Rules and Guidelines

There are fewer and fewer among us who can stretch their minds back to 1984 and the first viewing of the original Ghostbusters in cinemas. When Sigourney Weaver, possessed by a nymphomaniac demon [...]

  • The consequences of hiding assets during divorce

The Consequences of hiding assets

A recent decision of the Family Court has put the spotlight on an issue that comes up time and time again when spouses separate. The issue being where one spouse feels that the [...]

  • No, Prime Minister!

No, Prime Minister!

Just what does one need to do to be dismissed from Employment? Assuming one has sufficient length of service – currently two years – to have the benefit of protection from unfair dismissal (the [...]

  • Top tips for divorce

Top Tips for Divorce

Take your time Choosing to get divorced is a huge decision. Relationships can go through tough periods so take some time to reflect on if it is what you want. You might want [...]

  • New Highway Code

The New Highway Code

It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, runs the old adage. Whilst there may be some truth to this in everyday life, anyone arguing their legal case based on [...]

  • 5 Common divorce mistakes

5 Common Divorce Mistakes

Failing to Sever financial ties Many people assume that once the decree absolute is received, that they are financially free from their ex-spouse. That is not the case. You need to apply for [...]

Plus ca Change…..Voltaire was right

Last week the East Midlands Employment Tribunal served notice that if things ever change in this world, they change very slowly. Lisa Thomas was a painter and decorator, who had worked for a [...]