The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth…

We all know that there’s no gain without pain in the pursuit of a perfect beach body, but some people are discovering that acheiving the equivalent smile may involve pain that never goes away. Despite the warnings of Love Island winner Jack Fincham and celebrity Katie Price, dental tourism is growing in popularity.

With prices up to 90% lower than the UK in countries such as Turkey, it’s easy to see why Jade and Kelly Tushingham were attracted to travelling abroad to have veneers fitted. The couple booked an all inclusive trip that would allow them to enjoy the beach while they waited the five days for the permanent veneers to be fitted to their natural teeth after they had been filed down to stumps. The reality was five days of constant pain and being unable to eat. Once their permanent veneers were fitted things didn’t improve and both women have been left in constant pain.

In a survey by the British Dental Association, 86% of dentists surveyed reported having to treat complications from dental work carried out abroad. Often remedial treatment will not be covered by the NHS and 1 in 5 of the survey respondents said that the corrective treatment cost the patient over £5,000.

Poor dental treatment is not limited to those travelling abroad for cut price treatment. At Pilgrim Hope Solicitors we have helped a number of patients who were left with painful sensitvity or nerve damage after poor dental care in the UK. Whilst there is a risk involved with any medical or dental procedure, you should not end up worse off than where you started. We can fight for compensation that will help you pay for the right treatment.

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