5 Common divorce mistakes

Failing to Sever financial ties

Many people assume that once the decree absolute is received, that they are financially free from their ex-spouse. That is not the case. You need to apply for a financial order or a clean break order to ensure any financial obligations are cut. If you don’t do this it could mean that your ex could make a claim against you in the future.

Overlooking Pensions

I often see spouses, especially women, are often too quick to take the family home in a settlement. Picking property over pension wealth can be very costly especially to a spouse who has sacrificed work to raise children. This is partly down to a lack of understanding of the value of the pension but also a lack of awareness of a person’s right to a spouse’s pension. After property it is the second largest financial asset, and it is vital to ensure that both spouses have savings for life.

Involving Children in your disputes

It is crucial to protect your children from emotional harm and not involve them in any arguments or discussions designed to influence them into taking a side

Taking advice from family and friends and family

Everyone’s personal situation is unique so it doesn’t follow that one person’s experience will be the same for another. There is no denying that support from your family and friends is crucial however take advice from the experts as it is important not to listen to outdated advice or tainted opinions

Going Straight to court

Many people think that having their day in court is the only way to resolve their issues. Mediation is a far less stressful and cost-effective way of keeping your disputes out of court. Going to court should always be the last resort.

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