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Lockdown sees a rise in Divorce Rates

Enquiries regarding divorce have increased across the UK in the latter part of 2020, whilst there are many reasons behind divorce; lockdown seems to have exacerbated the situation for many people. During June searches for on the Citizen’s Advice website regarding Divorce were in the top ten of most searched for information, with a report in September 2020 estimating a 25% increase in figures from 2019.

Over 100,000 divorces in 2019

The most recent figures for divorce are for 2019 and were published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on 17th November 2020. They show an increase of 18.4% on the 2018 figures with the figure of opposite sex couples getting divorced standing at 107,599. With the increased pressure on families throughout 2020 it’s concerning that figures could rise further into 2021. With this in mind we would always advocate for early legal intervention and mediation.

A positive process

At Pilgrim Hope we believe that the divorce process doesn’t need to be antagonistic and we are committed to making the process as stress free as possible. We strive to absorb the potential pain points for our clients and prioritise the needs of children where they are involved. We ensure we are there to support our clients when they need us most, offering professional advice to give them back control of their lives.

Calm, positive and measured support

If you are considering divorce then we offer a confidential, initial discussion as we recognise that divorce is a emotional time and that our clients might need an extra level of discretion when discussing more sensitive issues. We are flexible to meet when it’s convenient for you

There are four main financial areas to consider that we can help advise you on:

· Court fees

· Legal fees

· Childcare maintenance fees

· Financial settlement

Making a difference to improve your situation

Divorce is a hugely challenging time for anyone going through it. Our role is to support you through a difficult process and make sure your case is resolved to give you the best possible outcome. We will always look at the bigger picture in each situation which helps us make a real difference to improve your situation in the long term.

At Pilgrim Hope we believe in giving the right, personal, legal support and advice. When people are experiencing significant change in their lives, we give them clarity and resolution so that they can move on and take back control.

We’re on your side.

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