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At Pilgrim Hope Solicitors we know how difficult a separation can be for anyone. Making that decision to end your marriage will be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make in your life and therefore it is important for you to know that we are on your side.

The whole experience can be upsetting, daunting and confusing. That is why our specialist family team will always manage your case with sensitivity and integrity.

Our goal is to get you the best possible outcome for you and your children. We know every relationship is different so therefore we will tailor our advice to your specific situation, and we will always communicate with you in plain English.

We will be able to advise you on whether you have sufficient grounds for divorce and identify to you the most appropriate fact to base your divorce upon. We can also advise you on how a divorce could affect you financially, or in terms of your child arrangements or any property.

We can even refer you to other professionals who can support you through this difficult time such as specialist mediators or a divorce coach.

We offer fixed fee divorce services depending on the simplicity of your separation and whether you are the Petitioner or the Respondent. We are mindful of the need to keep costs to a minimum and therefore we can offer a range of payment options to assist you.

Fixed Fee Costs

Acting for the Petitioner

• An initial consultation and advice from a specialist lawyer and Resolution Member
• Preparation of the Divorce Petition
• Issuing the divorce application
• Receiving the response from your spouse
• Applying for Decree Nisi
• Applying for Decree Absolute
• We will keep you updated throughout your case by telephone or email

The retainer does not include:-
• Any advice regarding property, children, domestic violence or finances
• Advice if the divorce is defended or the Petition needs amending
• The cost of replacing your Marriage Certificate
• Enquiry Agents’ fees or Bailiffs’ fees
• Advice about enforcing or disputing the costs of a divorce
• If your spouse will not co-operate with the proceedings
• If your spouse is living in another country

Our fixed fee divorce service will cost £600 plus vat (£720) plus court fee (£550). Total cost £1270.00.

Please note that it may be possible to pursue your spouse for some or all of these costs. This is something we will discuss with you during your initial consultation with us. Furthermore if you think you may be entitled to apply for a remission or exemption from paying the court fee please let us know.

Acting for the Respondent

• An initial consultation with a specialist lawyer and Resolution member
• Writing on your behalf to your spouse or their solicitor
• Completing and filing the Acknowledgement of Service on your behalf
• Notifying you of the court date for pronouncement of the decree nisi
• Forwarding to you your decree nisi and decree absolute

The retainer does not include:-
• Any advice regarding property, children, domestic violence or finances
• Where your spouse has issued proceedings abroad
• Advice about enforcing or disputing the costs of a divorce
• Attending court if there is a costs dispute
• Applying for Decree Absolute if your spouse fails to do so

On the basis that you are not defending the divorce proceedings, our divorce fixed fee is £300 plus vat (£360).